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Social bookmarking is an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize (see folksonomy) a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also take bookmarks saved by others and add them to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others. It's a tool for personal knowledge management. Wikipedia.org
social bookmark script
AddToBookmarks is a small JavaScript you can add to your blog or website. The more links to your content, the more traffic and buzz you'll have. Grab my free script to make it easy for your visitors to add you to their bookmarks.
Available in Four layouts:

what this is for, and why you want it

This site is online to provide you with a nice and easy solution to extend your current Website or Blog by adding a "Add To Bookmarks" widget/pod/code. See Above for an example.

You want to do this, because it helps get your blog or site on the various Social Bookmarking sites. This will help drive more traffic to your content by utilizing the word-of-mouth aspects of Social Bookmarking. Each person who adds a link to your blog or site using a Social Bookmarking site helps raise the awareness of your content.

Using this widget/pod/code also helps people who are new to Social Bookmarking - by clicking on the "Add To" text in the widget, users will be presented with some information on what Social Bookmarking is, and why they should consider it.

If you haven't tried a Bookmarking site, join one, and use it for a few months before you make a judement on how useful it is. My first impressions were very low, but after getting into the swing of things, I've found social bookmarking to be the 'new search.'

This script is released under the following license: Mozilla Public License 1.1

features and options available in the AddToBookmarks script
  • Multiple Layouts - The AddToBookmarks script currently comes in four layouts, allowing you to select what works best for your use. To set or change the layout, simply alter a variable. See below for more information.
  • Add To Methods - While I suggest you use the 'direct' method for linking, you also have the option of using a popup for the Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Single Version - Adding the single version to your site is easy. It's designed to be used where you only need one AddToBookmarks displayed per page. For example, if you want to add this to your Website, the Single Standard Version is what you want to use. See below for more information.
  • Multi Version - If you are adding the AddToBookmarks script to your blog, you may want to set it up so you output a version of AddToBookmarks per each blog posting. This would allow visitors to add each post of yours to their Social Bookmarking site. This version will require you to do more work, but if you are considering this version, it should be a snap to setup. All you need to know is how to output the URL and TITLE of your blog posts in the language you use (CFML, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.).
  • Demos - The zip file contains demos so you can get started quickly. Each layout, version, documentation, icons and license included. Have fun!

DIRECTIONS: 1. download zip, 2. unzip, 3. upload the /addto directory to your site, 4. add the CSS and Javascript.
5. Edit the two variables: addtoLayout and addtoMethod
  • var addtoLayout=0 [Horizontal 1 Row Layout]
  • var addtoLayout=1 [Horizontal 2 Row Layout]
  • var addtoLayout=2 [Vertical 1 Column Layout]
  • var addtoLayout=3 [Vertical 1 Column Text Layout]
  • var addtoMethod=0 [link directly, in current window]
  • var addtoMethod=1 [use popup window]